Private Watch Party

private watch party

Prime Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Prime Watch Party via Private Watch Party

Streaming alone is too mainstream. The real fun begins when you binge-watch with your loved ones. However, not all your loved ones live close by or can come down to your place for a streaming spree daily. Therefore, we have introduced a new-age method to stream your favorite prime videos with all your loved ones in sync. The Prime Watch Party is an exciting branch of Private Watch Party where you can watch all your favorite movies and shows on Prime in sync worldwide for free.

Furthermore, there are multiple features to enhance your streaming experience. Hence, what are you waiting for? Install the private watch party extension and host or join a virtual watch party to connect with distant loved ones excitingly.

Prime Watch Party via Private Watch Party

How To Host A Prime Watch Party?

Now, you can enjoy a prime watch party hosted using the private watch party with unlimited people. The more, the merrier, right? Therefore, include all your distant friends and family in one virtual watch party and enjoy together. Below are the steps to install the private watch party extension so that you can host amazing virtual watch parties. Furthermore, you can start enjoying it within clicks.

Firstly, you are required to install the Private watch party extension. Therefore, you must go to the official Chrome web store, where you will find the extension upon searching. Moreover, you can click here to download it for free. In addition to this, you need Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to install the extension. The extension supports multiple devices, including macOS, Chromebooks, Windows, Laptops, and PCs.

After successfully installing the extension, you need to pin the extension icon. Thus, pin it in your toolbar. However, if you don’t see it in the toolbar, click on the puzzle-shaped icon in the top-right corner of your browser and pin the extension icon from there.


Now, you must visit Prime video on your browser and log into your separate account. Moreover, please remember that you need individual accounts on the prime video to host or join the watch party.

Next, you need to search for a video on prime video that you want to enjoy with everyone in the prime watch party via private watch party.

Now, click on the private watch party extension icon you pinned earlier. Furthermore, clicking on it will drop down a small window named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY.” Moreover, it will have a button called “START A PARTY.” Thus, just click on that button to get an invitation URL to the prime watch party.

Simply share the invitation link you generated with the people you want in the virtual party to be. Therefore, copy the prime watch party URL and share it with everyone.

Finally, it’s time to join the watch party. Thus, you need to click on the invitation link. Moreover, make sure that you have also downloaded the private watch party extension and have logged in using your separate prime video account. Therefore, just click and reach the party of your dreams within clicks. 

Take It Up A Notch With These Features

The private watch party is available globally. Thus, no matter where you are or where your friends are, you can connect with them and stream with them if you have this extension.

You can experience the fantastic resolution and video quality at this virtual watch party. Since the private watch party offers HD video quality in the prime party, it’s a win-win situation for your movie night.

There will be no buffering issues in the watch parties hosted by this extension. Therefore, for a seamless experience, you must use the private watch party.

Have a lot of friends to add to the watch party? No worries, you can add an unlimited number of people to your prime watch party. Thus, enjoy being in sync with lots of people simultaneously.

You can get complete control of the watch party. That’s right! By simply enabling a button named “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL,” you can acquire complete control like play, pause, forward, rewind, and resume the video at any time. However, you can not control or modify the member’s system settings. Their system settings like audio, volume, subtitles, and language still lie with them.

The private watch party also offers the feature of live group chat. Therefore, You can watch and talk with them during the movie night. This feature makes you feel like you’re all together in the same room.

You can customize your user profile with a twist. Thus, you can put a nickname and a use icon to bring a personal touch to your watch party and live chat.

The prime watch party will have the perfect sync. This means the video will not lag, and every person at the watch party will be on the same page.

Take It Up A Notch With These Features

Troubleshooting Prime Watch Party

Private Watch Party runs without a glitch and smoothly. Since the extension supports an unlimited number of people, a small server overload could happen once in a while. However, if you ever run into a problem, please consider –

  • Have you installed the private watch party extension on your device?
  • If Prime Video is available in the country where you’re hosting the watch party?
  • Is it possible that you haven’t logged into your Prime Video account?
  • Is it conceivable that you’re trying to do anything that the host of the watch party forbids?
  • If the invitation URL that the host gave you is correct or not.