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private watch party

Hulu Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host Hulu Watch Party Via Private Watch Party

We have something exciting for Hulu Users. Now, you can enjoy your best Hulu Movie with your distant loved ones via Private Watch Party. You can watch your favourite Hulu show on Hulu Watch Party with friends living far away and have fun with chat functions. This extension will help you to stay connected with your favourite people despite the miles. You can binge-watch your favourite videos through this everlasting extension anytime, anywhere. Hence, you can explore your excitement by hosting and joining any Hulu Party with a Private Watch Party, wondering how to use this free extension? Here is everything you need to know; let’s continue the reading.

Host Hulu Watch Party Via Private Watch Party​

How To Host a Hulu Watch Party via Private Watch Party?

Host a Hulu Party anytime, anywhere, and get your favourite people around in a fraction of seconds. Let’s start:

How To Host a Hulu Watch Party via Private Watch Party

This is mandatory to install the Private Watch Party extension in your system. Moreover, please ensure that you are using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on your device. Also, this extension supports Chromebooks, macOS laptops, Windows, and Computers.

After, add the extension to the Toolbar. To add it, you need to click on the “ICON” in the top right corner of your browser. This step will directly help you to pin your extension to the Toolbar.

So next, you need to open your Private Watch Party extension then go to your Hulu account. Moreover, sign in to your Hulu account and ensure all the participants you wish to add to your Hulu Party must have their subscription to the Hulu Account.

Now, search for the video you want to enjoy in sync and play it to proceed towards Hulu Party.

Once you play your favourite video, an “ICON” is shown to you. Click on this “ICON,” and you will get a window named “CREATE A PARTY.” After, there is a button named “START A PARTY ”, click on this button to host a Hulu Party. Further, Copy & Share the Party URL with friends you want to have at your watch party. Remember one thing, each member you will share Hulu Party URL must have their own separate Hulu account with a smooth subscription.

How To Join A Hulu Party

Now you can quickly join your friends to enjoy Hulu Watch Party via Private Watch Party. All you have to do is, follow the below-mentioned steps gently and join your friends at Hulu Party.

Enjoy Best Streaming in Sync Via Private Watch Party

Streaming Hulu Party With Private Watch Party is something that you definitely will relish. It will allow you to have fun even with your distant friends. The best Hulu Watch Party Streaming is enough to give the best movie experience of your life. It lets you enjoy your favourite Hulu shows and everything online to provide a seamless experience. Also, this user-friendly extension named Private Watch Party has all the easy ways to host and join Hulu Party. So, what are you waiting for? Create your fun, and let’s add your loved ones to enjoy the best Hulu Party streaming together to build everlasting memories.

Keep Complete Control Over The Hulu Party

Being a host, you have an option named “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL,” which makes you king of the party. This feature is specially made for control freaks because now you can rewind, forward, play, and pause the particular video as per your mood. Else, you can enjoy a single scene multiple times without Anyone’s permission. However, other participants have control of their system settings, and they can set the volume particularly for themselves only.

Enhance Hulu Party Experience With Live Chat Feature

Live chat feature in Hulu Party will make you feel like you are enjoying the streaming while sitting next to your loved ones. Yes, this feature is just excellent, and you will be able to share your experience on every particular scene of the Hulu Movie or show.

Host Or Join Hulu Watch Party Worldwide

Private Watch Party specially made for movie freaks who love to enjoy their friends’ company. You will be able to find yourself connected with your distant friends in a few clicks worldwide. No matter how far your friends or loved ones reside, Hosting a Hulu Watch Party lets them feel close to you. This unique feature will allow you to host or join a Hulu Party Anywhere, Anytime, and with Anyone. So, keep aside all the distance excuses, enjoy this lovely Hulu Party via Private Watch Party extension.