Private Watch Party

private watch party

HBO Max Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Enjoy HBO Streaming In Sync Via Private Watch Party

Here is the good news for all the HBO Max lovers as Private Watch Party allows you to host a watch party and feel surrounded by friends. Strengthen your bond with distant friends while arranging an HBO Max Watch Party to enjoy the whole night. This user-friendly extension has an extensive updated library to let you choose any trending show or series. You can watch anything that you want to. Wherever you and your friends are in the world, you can enjoy the same streaming together with the utmost quality. Moreover, you will be able to add as many members to the watch party as you want to. This means you are only a few clicks away from your dream moments, continue the reading to know more exciting features of the extension. 

Enjoy HBO Streaming In Sync Via Private Watch Party

How To Host HBO Max Watch Party

Hosting an HBO Max Watch Party is easy with this user-friendly Private Watch Party extension. Here are the few necessary steps that you need to follow to host your fun HBO Party and let your distant friends enjoy streaming in sync:

How To Host HBO Max Watch Party

You need to download the Private Watch Party extension in your system. You highly require either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome installed on your device. Moreover, the extension is compatible with Windows, macOS, Laptops, Chromebook, or Computers. Make sure with these requirements for a smooth procedure.

Then, an icon will come to your notice right next to the address bar. It will look like “ICON,” click on this icon. After, you need to click on the extension’s icon to pin the extension to the toolbar for further hassle-free uses.

As mentioned in this step, you need to open your HBO Max and sign in to your official account. Moreover, you need to ensure a smooth HBO Max subscription. Also, all the further participants of the HBO Watch Party require their separate subscription to enjoy HBO Max streaming in sync.

Search for the video you want to enjoy at your group watch party with your friends. Once you get options in the suggestions box, you need to select your preferred video and play it.

Here, click on the extension’s icon you have added to the toolbar. This single click will open a “Create a watch party” window. In this window, you will get a “Start A Party” button; click on this appeared button to host your HBO Max Watch Party.

Till this step, you will get a watch party link, copy this link and share it with your most loving people worldwide. And, you are done with the procedure, now enjoy the most favorable featured extension without worrying about anything. Keep in mind that those you will share your HBO Watch Party URL with would only be able to enter your watch party.

How To Join A HBO Max Watch Party URL

Start with downloading the Private Watch Party extension in your system. Keep in note that you need either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser available in your system for downloading this extension hassle-free. Also, these are the supported devices of the extension: PC, Windows, or macOS laptops and Chromebooks. So, be aware of the essential requirements. Now, click on the invitation URL shared by your friend, and this click will redirect you to the official HBO Max account. Once you reach here, log in to your subscribed HBO Max account and join the existing HBO Watch Party with all the participants. Enjoy the group chat feature and let your distant friends know how much you are enjoying this lovely virtual meeting.

Enjoyable HD Quality Streaming In Sync Worldwide

Quality streaming makes HBO Max Videos worth watching, and this extension has the power to make users stay for more extended periods. You can enjoy your top-listed HBO TV shows and movies in sync absolutely free anywhere in the world, even in the highest quality. Chill with distant friends while watching the latest series with fast buffering seamlessly.

Amazing Customization Setting Feature

This feature is just worth-using to keep ourselves updated with new settings. Now you can design your profile according to your taste by using a fun avatar. Also, it will allow you to set a most presentable and easy to say nickname that will appear while streaming and group chatting.

Fun Group Chat Feature

There is something more to let it be the most delightful streaming website. You can add more funny moments in the HBO Max Watch Party by sharing your thoughts on each scene. This feature removes boredom and fills enthusiasm for the next mysterious scene. Using these features will help you create fun moments that let you escape with your most loving friends despite the miles.

Fun Group Chat Feature

This user-friendly extension is all-worthy, and you can keep the complete party control in your hand. Being a host, you will be privileged to have control over the streaming, such as rewind, forward, play, and pause. Use this authority and let the video run according to your mood. So, all the control freaks, are you ready to enjoy this unique feature or not? Jokes apart, our motive is to make this extension all worthy in the entertainment sector, and as a host, you are fortunate with special authorities.