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Streaming online with your brats via the private watch party is not a secret anymore. Also, it is considered the newest source of entertainment, where you can stream your desired TV shows and movies with your distant ones on several streaming platforms. And these are Hulu, Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, and Disney Plus by following the synchronization pattern. Most amazingly, installing the Private Watch Party extension via Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox is entirely free of cost. Moreover, using the Private Watch Party Extension, you can invite your friends and family to host a watch party without leaving your comfort zone. Furthermore, if you are getting keen to know about the Private Watch Party features and the process of installing the Private Watch Party Extension in your smart device. Then, it is advised to stick to the below manual steps and information.      


Features: Private Watch Party 

The binge-free streaming service is something that distinguishes the Private watch party from the rest of other watch party platforms. So you can stream your favorite streaming videos with your friends and distant ones without any breaches. Now, the exceptional and descriptive features mentioned below amplifies the productivity of the Private watch party.   

1. Global Accessibility 

The very first feature is the global accessibility that denies all types of distance and lets the streaming happen beyond boundaries. Moreover, by using this global accessibility feature, you can easily stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and series with your loved ones worldwide in sync.  

2. HD-Quality Streaming 

Things are not just restricted to global accessibility; you can enjoy streaming videos in the HD-quality as well. And using this feature lets you enjoy an outstanding and nirvana-driven experience.  

3. Controllability 

Now, this controllability feature is the relevant one that gives the entire control of the Private Watch party in your hand if you are a host. As a result, it will let you play, forward, pause, rewind, and resume playing one streaming video.

4. Compatibility 

If you don’t know, once you install the Private watch party extension, you will find it compatible with the popularly leading streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Hotstar, and Disney Plus.

5. Live or Group Chit-Chat

Using this live or group chat feature will make it easy for you to stay connected with your distant ones throughout the whole watch party. Moreover, via this feature, you can enjoy sending text messages and even express your reactions by sending emojis.  


6. Customization or Personalization 

Last, in the customization and personalization feature, you can get the option to add a touch of uniqueness to your profile. You can add a nickname and icon to your profile that will appear in the watch party and your group chat.

How to do a Private Watch Party? 

To organize a watch party, you need to install its free extension that will give a kickstart to stream your favorite videos in a seamless sync pattern with your gathered crowd. Moreover, to learn the process to install the Private watch extension, straight jump onto the below steps: 

1. Private Watch Party installation

First and foremost, get a good web browser, either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, that should be installed on your device. After that, carry onwards by installing the extension to any of the devices like Chromebook, Windows, Computers, or macOS Laptops.

2. Pin the extension to the toolbar

Pin the extension to the browser’s toolbar once you install it on your device. Next, you will notice an extension icon “private watch party” button beside the address bar. If you cannot see it, click on the puzzle icon, then end it by clicking on the extension icon button.

3. Log in to the Particular Streaming Website

Now, carry onwards by logging in to your preferred streaming website. Also, ensure that the website supports the extension among all the platforms. And these are Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hotstar.

4. Select and Play the Video

Here, you need to select and play your preferred videos once you login into the website.  

5. Host a private watch party

To host a watch party, click on the PP button next to the address bar. Doing som will open a window named “Create A Watch Party.” Now, to create and get a watch party link, click on “Start a Party.” And then, copy that link and share it with the people; you want to invite. Moreover, turn the “Only I have Control” button green to get the controllability in your hands. 

6. Join a party 

In order to join the Private watch party, first install the extension and log in to the streaming website. Furthermore, click on the watch party link shared by your friend or host so that it can redirect you to the watch party.

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